Perform at Falcon Road Festival

Be part of an exciting day of performance and festivities.

Each event will be scheduled and performances appropriately programmed to reach out to your intended audience throughout the day.

How to apply

Please send us a maximum of 500 words that answers the following:

What is the performance experience?

What art form are you working in and what happens in the performance?

Who is it for?

Tell us a bit about your audience

Where can we see an example of your performance?

What resources will you require? (Power supply, lighting, audio, etc)

Tell us a bit about the company/artists involvedHow to contact us

You can contact via this form, or email to:

[email protected]

If you are selected, we will write to you soon after the deadline to confirm your time slot and stage.

We will also invite you to attend a selected performers meeting to be scheduled prior to the festival day.

Local talent wanted!

Falcon Road Festival is offering local talent and young emerging artists the opportunity to perform.

This is a chance for you to have your talent put on show on one of the 2 proposed stages that are being erected on the festival site.

The Falcon Road Festival organiser’s are looking for local performance artists from all disciplines to take part throughout the day as part of a program of events.

Your work should be appropriate for a community festival expected to be attended by children and adults from a diverse background.

This is your space to develop and experiment with new ideas, showing it to a diverse audience, giving you the opportunity to gauge your success or impact.

There is no remuneration available for performers but this opportunity can be promoted by you or others in order to ensure you gain publicity.

Performer application

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